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The man, who started making shirts in the late 1950's from a small factory in Brighton, went on to dress the swinging Sixties and became the King of trend-setting Carnaby Street.
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Zappos is awesome- I've ordered about 5 pairs of shoes from Zappos and I have been very pleased with the customer service and products received. Zappos has a great selection of shoes, excellent customer service (phone and email), and has shipped the shoes that I've ordered immediately after I placed the order. All shoes have been top quality. I've been extremely pleased with ordering from Zappos and will continue to do so. Their Web site is also up-to-date, providing current product availability and information. Thank you, Zappos! Jack Purcell Tennis Shoes- These shoes were purchased as a Chanukah present for my daughter. She already has 2 other pairs of these shoes and requested the Jack Purcell�s in black. She wears different color shoes with different outfits. She absolutely feels the shoes are very comfortable and stylish. As an aside, I wore Jack Purcell�s in white in high school. Love 'em! I love the new Jack Purcell�s! I've been wearing Jack Purcell�s for years and was very wary of the redesign, but it's great. As good-looking as always and SO MUCH more comfortable! I wear them every day, and I'm on my feet a lot. Also, they are still veggie. No leather at all. Should be listed in the 'vegetarian shoes' section.

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