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Bill Khakis Pants, Clothing
Bills Khakis come in a variety of seasonal fabrics and colors, and are available in several basic fits and both plain front and pleated styles.
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true to size but a bit narrow in the toe area. Also, it slips in the heel. I had bought a pair before that I was happy with but have had a little trouble breaking these in. They look great though! Love this shoe - The white is so bright. They are a very comfortable shoe. They run a little big. The soles are kind of thin. But they are very comfortable even still. Don't need to break them in. I walked around New York all day without any discomfort. They are great with jeans. A great alternative to Vans. This shoe is awesome...I've been wearing Chuck Taylors for over 20 years-not the most comfortable shoe, but loved the vintage look...But these Jack's are tremendously comfortable and they look great...very vintage! Hail to JP - Love this shoe for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Converse has improved the shoe over time. I love the new colors. Keep up the good work Converse and I'll continue to support your ageless classic, Jack Purcell. The new insole technology makes all the difference with comfort. I never could wear these shoes before because of my high arch. But now they are made with the support of a running shoe.

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