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This way your vacation can start the moment you buy your shoes, because Birki's sandals and clogs are the perfect companions for spending your relaxing spare time, no matter where and how one wants to spend this time.
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Looks nice, at least - They felt about 1/2 size too small at first but I got used to that. However the fabric inside of both heels ripped out within a few weeks, exposing the rubber inner skin. I wore them walking this morning and now I have a nice big blister on my left heel. Grrr. They look better than Chucks but that's what I'm ordering again even though Chucks are basically disposable after six months, they last longer than these did. Stylish alternative to the All Star - Love Chuck Taylors but wanted something a bit different. These Jack Purcell's fit the bill. Surprisingly padded and well made. These shoes fit right in to my rotation. Get yourself some. Great shoe, wish it had more arch support though - Very good-looking and inexpensive shoe, much cleaner-looking than the Chucks. I wish it had more support thought b/c it can hurt if you're on your feet a lot. These are possibly the best shoes I've ever owned. The size fit pretty good and seemed marked as ordered. The look was great, but at first there was some chafing on the back of my heel. After awhile it stopped. These are the best shoes I've ever owned I recommend them for anybody.

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