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Black Flys produces it's one-of-a kind sunglasses with a wide range of classic shapes and wraparounds made from a variety of materials including: High Quality, injected Nylon constructed around a wire core, custom handmade Acetate and metal styles that are made of either nickel-silver, or titanium and are polished for a smooth, clean finish. Metal styles feature hypoallergenic, Custom Nose pads.
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Very happy with shoe - It was a gift, but recipient reported they were more "cushiony" than her former pair and they were more comfortable. We ordered 1/2 size larger and they fit. Purcell always - Nothing can beat the crisp, clean look of a white Purcell. They are a casual and preppy must have. The canvas model has a certain charm to them and the contemporary leather are great all around. New changes welcome! I have owned these shoes before, prior to the "update", but I'm very satisfied with the changes. They do cost a little more, but the improvements are hard to miss. First of all, there is a much better cushion (that actually cushions!), it's covered in a high quality velour-like fabric. The canvas portions of the shoe are now padded slightly, but the result maintains the feel of a pure canvas shoe while making things a little more comfortable. There is also a nice lining to the shoe, but my favorite change is the laces. The laces are nice and thick, they maintain their shape well, and the ends of them are covered in metal and not plastic (the weight of the metal on the laces takes some getting used to). Another great addition is that the sole now features the Sperry Top-sider like cuts which help grip on slick wet surfaces, which makes these great deck shoes. My only complaint is that the toe area seems to have narrowed up a little. Also, unlike the old Jack Purcells, where you had to size up a half size, these shoes are pretty much true to size, although you may want to size up anyway if you have wider feet.

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