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Best ever! I am not a high heels person but these shoes are so easy to wear and SO comfortable that even someone who literally wears flip flops everywhere I go found them great. So worth it. Great Career Shoe- Nine West is fantastic for the pointy toes because the leather is soft and flexible- this shoe is also great because there is good padding in the footbed and inside the back of the heel there is a soft suede patch which really helps prevent your feet from sliding, even in stockings. Sexy AND Comfortable- These are a great pair of shoes and I like them very much. They have the look of a stiletto without the height and pain! I can wear them all day at work and I spend half my time standing, half sitting. They are great. Classic styling, sexy look, good fit. Great everyday shoe- These are great basic heels for work or everyday activities. It took me a day to break them in, but after that they felt great. Everyone needs a shoe like this in their wardrobe.

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