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Rockin' shoes - I love Converse. This is my first pair of Jack Purcells after wearing Chuck Taylors for a very long time. I did have to go up half a size, but Jack's have more padding and a thicker insole, which is also removable for orthotics! I love the way they look and feel. The Classic never dies - White sneaker that has the right look. More refined than Converse All Star (not quite a "bobo"), and not a typical athletic shoe/"trainer", this sneak is a perfect summer shoe. From shorts to jeans to a casual seersucker suit, these sneakers rock!! Nice update on a classic - These are much more comfortable and fit my feet way better than the Chuck Taylor models. Great weekend shoes! They do run a bit large. I wear a men's 8.5 normally, and the size 8 here fits great.
Great look; okay comfort - You can't do any better than the style of this for a casual tennie, and it's obviously more comfortable than sandals or whatever, but don't expect it to feel like you're wearing air-soled running shoes or anything. It's pretty flat, the inside of the tongue is kind of rough, and the interior seams rub a little. They look best with those low-cut socks that you can't see above the shoe line, but I found them to be too uncomfortable with those socks -- the canvas slides around a little (the shoes aren't too big -- just a little stiff) and with no lining, it's uncomfortable rubbing against my foot.

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